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"Бесконечны лишь Вселенная и глупость человеческая, при этом относительно бесконечности первой из них у меня имеются сомнения." А. Эйнштейн ZM
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  • Mueller Memos Part 7: These Documents Reveal What People Close To The President Told Mueller’s Team About Trump And Russia

    BuzzFeed News sued the US government under the Freedom of Information Act for the right to see all the work that Robert Mueller’s team kept secret. Today we are publishing the seventh installment of the FBI’s summaries of interviews with witnesses in the investigation.

  • It Took Four Days To Arrest The Officer Who Used A Knee Chokehold On George Floyd. Delays Are Built Into Investigations Against Cops.

    A Minneapolis police officer filmed crushing George Floyd’s neck with his knee was arrested on Friday, four days after Floyd died.

  • Trump Wants To Help Conservatives Sue Twitter For Censorship, But He’ll Face An Obstacle: Justice Brett Kavanaugh

    Trump signed an executive order aimed at stripping Twitter and other social media companies of legal immunity.

  • The Trump Administration Wants To Cut Back A Billion-Dollar Healthcare Program. Hospitals Say Now Is A Really Bad Time.

    The Trump administration has been fighting in court with public and nonprofit hospitals since 2017 over a plan to slash the reimbursement rates for drugs prescribed to Medicare patients.

  • Going To Court Without A Lawyer Was Always Hard. The Pandemic Has Made It Much Harder.

    With courthouses still closed, judges and legal aid groups fear people who can’t afford lawyers are being shut out of the civil justice system altogether.

  • A Court Fight Over Whether Trump Can Profit From His Hotel While He’s President Is Back On

    A federal appeals court ruled that a panel of judges was wrong to take up a Trump appeal and dismiss the case. Trump plans to appeal to the Supreme Court.

  • Nixon And Clinton Lost When They Went To The Supreme Court To Shield Their Records. Trump Is Hoping For A Different Result.

    The US Supreme Court heard arguments on Tuesday about whether Congress and state prosecutors have the power to demand Trump’s tax returns and other financial records.

  • Michael Flynn Admitted Lying To The FBI. The Justice Department Now Says That Doesn’t Matter.

    The Justice Department filed papers on Thursday to drop the criminal case against Flynn, saying newly discovered evidence undercut the prosecution.

  • A Nominee For A Powerful Appeals Court Defended His Embrace Of “Brett Kavanaugh’s America”

    Judge Justin Walker, nominated for the DC Circuit, is set to become one of the youngest federal appeals judges in the country.

  • US Citizen Kids Of Undocumented Immigrants Sued The Trump Administration For Denying Them Coronavirus Stimulus Checks

    Families can get up to $500 per child under the CARES Act, but a lawsuit accuses the government of unconstitutionally denying those benefits to the children of undocumented immigrants.