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"Лишь несчастному нужна его правота, счастливый хвататься за неё не будет." Андрей Курпатов ZM
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  • Internal FDA Documents Show How Little Evidence The Agency Had Before Allowing Malaria Drugs To Be Used To Treat COVID-19

    A May whistleblower complaint alleged that the FDA’s emergency authorization of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine came about as a result of political pressure from the White House.

  • The Coronavirus Has Tanked Carbon Emissions. It’s Not Nearly Enough To Prevent Climate Disaster.

    Choosing whether to embrace green policies to lead the economic recovery will be a make-or-break moment for the climate crisis, experts say.

  • Trump Said He’s Taking Hydroxychloroquine To Try To Prevent COVID-19 In Spite Of An FDA Warning

    “I happen to be taking it,» said the president to a stunned audience on Monday.

  • Summer Won’t Save Us From The Coronavirus Pandemic

    Recent research suggests that summer conditions can help kill the coronavirus more quickly. But “don’t expect miracles,” one scientist said.

  • US Health Officials Now Say There Are 9 Main COVID-19 Symptoms. Here’s What They Are.

    The CDC had previously only listed fever, coughing, and shortness of breath or difficulty breathing as the main symptoms of COVID-19.

  • The FDA Is Warning That Drugs Promoted By Trump To Treat COVID-19 Pose Serious Heart Risks

    «FDA is concerned that hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine are being used inappropriately to treat non-hospitalized patients for coronavirus,» the agency wrote in a health warning.

  • Thousands Of US Health Care Workers Have Been Infected By The Coronavirus. This Is How Each State Stacks Up.

    Due to limited data, the true scale of health care worker infections is still unknown.

  • The EPA’s “Enforcement Moratorium” During The Coronavirus Outbreak Is Coming Under Fire

    “This pandemic isn’t an excuse for polluters to ignore the law and for EPA to let them get away with it,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren said.

  • What You Need To Know About The Great Face Mask Debate

    Whether more people should wear masks has become one of the fiercest debates of the coronavirus pandemic. New data about how the virus spreads may be tipping the scales.