YOURSAY | Sng stating the obvious over defection

"Множественность интерпретаций и даже конфликт интерпретаций являются не недостатком или пороком, а достоинством понимания, образующего суть интерпретации." П.Рикер ©

YOURSAY | ‘Please spare us your reasons and explanations.’ PKR defector cites opposition disunity, inability to retake Putrajaya Vijay47: Quite obviously, Jalau MP Larry Sng, you have not learned from the ongoing avalanche of condemnation your colleague and fellow turncoat, Deputy Federal Territories Minister Edmund Santhara, is being treated to. That at times, especially when your acts reveal the real character you are, it is better to keep silent. Santhara to his great alarm and regret has just discovered that his recent show of bravado has only opened a huge can of Kiwi worms, one from whic…

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