You Don’t Have To Work At The Gap To Fold Your T-Shirts Like A Pro

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Who doesn’t love a good burrito? Sometimes also referred to as the “Military Roll” or the “Ranger Roll,” this method keeps tees folded extra tight and can be perfect for conserving room or packing a suitcase. It’s also a little more forgiving if you don’t get all the lines perfectly straight during the fold.

1. Lay your shirt flat, facing upward on a flat surface and smooth it out.

2. Create a cuff at the bottom of the shirt, all the way around, by folding up about three or four inches from the hem. The fabric of the cuff will be inverted, so you’ll be seeing the inside for the shirt.

3. Gripping one side of the shirt (either the right or the left) by the sleeve, fold it over to the opposite side so that the crease occurs right around the edge of the collar of the folded side. That folded side (particularly the sleeve) may extend past the collar of the non-folded side.

4. Fold the sleeve of the folded side in the opposite direction (back to where it came from) so it creates a straight line.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the opposite side, stopping a little just before the edge of the T-shirt.

6. Now your shirt should look like one long column with a cuff. From here, roll the shirt as tightly as possible beginning at the collar and working your way down to the cuff.

7. Now that it’s all in one firmly packed roll, use that handy cuff you created to make a little house for your rolled shirt by tucking the rolled shirt into the cuff. This will keep the T-shirt from rolling out.

Storage Tip: This is an ideal method to prevent your clothes from unraveling and, like the KonMari method, makes it easy to look at your shirts at once without going through a pile. You could run the risk of stretching the bottom with the cuff — it just depends on the fabric.

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