Women Are Sharing How Much They’ve Changed Since High School In A «Glow-Down Challenge»

"Все дети - художники. Проблема в том, чтобы остаться художником, когда ты вырос." Пабло Пикассо ©

By now, you’ve likely heard the term «glow-up.» It’s when people have jaw-dropping transformations in their appearance over the years. Most times, puberty is just really, really good to them, like this girl below:

Women Are Sharing How Much Theyve Changed Since High School In A Glow-Down Challenge

However, TikTok user @gabslife99 recently got real in a viral TikTok video, saying, «I physically peaked in high school. Like, the hottest I’ve ever been was when I was 18. I look nothing like that now.» So she challenged users to share their «glow-downs.»

A lot of people related to the video and shared what they considered to be their own «glow-downs» — even though they still look amazing now! Here are some of the most relatable ones we found:

If you’re in the «glow-down» boat, raise your hand and be proud ’cause you just look stunning in a new way now!!!


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