Why presidential speeches no longer move a needle in Nigeria – Omotola

"Всякая человеческая голова подобна желудку: одна переваривает входящую в оную пищу, а другая от нее засоряется." Козьма Прутков ©

In this second part of the interview with Lai Omotola, group managing director, Masters Reality International Concepts Limited (MRICL) and chancellor of E-Boot Camp Limited, and political commentator, he told ZEBULON AGOMUO that some of the projects by the current administration may not last beyond the tenure because they lacked business model, but built on political sentiments. He also said that many Nigerians have become psychologically traumatised as a result of the quality of leadership that does not instill hope in them. Excerpts: It has been said over and over again that rail infrastruct…

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