Why A Mr. Coffee Drip Pot Is My Favorite Way To Make A Reliable Cup Of Coffee

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Just call me Mrs. Coffee.

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I’ll admit, I can be prone to coffee snobbery now and again. I have just about every appliance, tool, and gadget to make coffee this way and that, but there’s one I always come back to — the Mr. Coffee.

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My dad has used a Mr. Coffee basically every morning since the beginning of time, so when I got my first apartment — finally free of the “no cooking appliances” rule ubiquitous to college dorm life — of COURSE I bought the cheapest 12-Cup Mr. Coffee drip pot I could find.

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^Do you see what I see? If drip coffee is good enough for Lorelei Gilmore, by gum, it’s good enough for me.

That same pot has been with me ever since (for over six years!), quickly brewing up cup after steaming cup of coffee for my roommates, friends, and me, never failing to make my morning and little better.

Rachel Dunkel / Via BuzzFeed

It has also survived many, many moves while packed in pretty precarious boxes. TL;DR: it’s also durable.

If you’ve somehow never made drip coffee before, listen, it’s really easy. Just pop in a filter, fill it with coffee, fill the machine with water, and flip the switch. Boom! You’ve got java.

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Most mornings, flipping literally one switch is all I feel capable of, and Mr. Coffee thinks that’s just fine!

Is it an artisanal cup of coffee? No. But is it delicious and plentiful and quick and easy? Heck yes. I fully support making a lil’ pour-over as a treat, but for an everyday pot for yourself and every coffee drinker in the house? Unbeatable.

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I’m not the only Mr. Coffee-lover out there. Check out these promising reviews!

“It seems most people prefer products that have all the bells and whistles. I prefer simple. This basic Mr. Coffee works well, is easy to use and clean, and doesn’t add one more phantom load onto my electric bill.” —iMarc

“I have to make coffee for our group’s weekly meetings. This is easy to use and easy to clean. I really appreciate that it does not dribble when I pour the coffee. So I am pleased with the product. Good price, and it works for my needs.” —Salley

“I wanted a simple, no bells and whistles coffee maker and this is it. Brews a great pot of coffee.” —LAB

Get a Mr. Coffee for yourself and get brewing! The 12-cup pot is available at Target for a staggering $18.99.

Rachel Dunkel / Via BuzzFeed

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