Which «Animal Crossing» Starter Fruit Are You?

"Для утвердительного ответа достаточно лишь одного слова - «да». Все прочие слова придуманы, чтобы сказать «нет»." Дон Аминадо ZM
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May 25, 2020

*delight reaction*

Which Animal Crossing Starter Fruit Are You?

by Alexandra

Community Contributor

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Summer holidays are here. Where do you go?

  • The moon

    Altınay Dinç on Unsplash

  • The countryside

    Chad Greiter on Unsplash

  • Abroad

    Heidi Fin on Unsplash

  • An unexplored island

    Tom Winckels on Unsplash

  • I’m staying home

    Eea Ikeda on Unsplash

  • Anywhere with a beach

    Link Hoang on Unsplash

  • Anywhere with a drink!

    Timur M on Unsplash

  • Wherever my creativity takes me

    Jonathan Körner on Unsplash

Pick a word that best describes you.

Your star sign?

Favorite color?

  • Purple

    Lotte Fleur on Unsplash

  • Pink

    Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

  • Red

    Jason Dent on Unsplash

  • Yellow

    Andrew Buchanan on Unsplash

  • Blue

    Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

  • Green

    Runze Shi on Unsplash

You have the opportunity to get whatever you want for free. Which do you choose?

  • Books and tea

    freestocks on Unsplash

  • Old fashioned camera

    Andrew Draper on Unsplash

  • A few indoor plants

    Tim Bennett on Unsplash

  • Ticket to the nearest theme park

    Tim Gouw on Unsplash

  • Sponser a donkey

    Ansgar Scheffold on Unsplash

  • Drawing/painting tools

    RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist on Unsplash

Favorite animal?

  • Monkey

    Jamie Haughton on Unsplash

  • Dolphin

    Rudney Uezu on Unsplash

  • Elephant

    Mylon Ollila on Unsplash

  • Cat

    Anton Lochov on Unsplash

  • Dog

    Ryan Walton on Unsplash

  • Bird

    David Clode on Unsplash

Favorite Animal Crossing personality type?

Who are you sitting with?

  • Table 1

    animalcrossing.fandom via animalcrossing.fandom.com

  • Table 2

    animalcrossing.fandom via animalcrossing.fandom.com

  • Table 3

    animalcrossing.fandom via animalcrossing.fandom.com

  • Table 4

    animalcrossing.fandom via animalcrossing.fandom.com

  • Table 5

    animalcrossing.fandom via animalcrossing.fandom.com

  • Table 6

    animalcrossing.fandom via animalcrossing.fandom.com

You’re trapped on an island for two weeks. You only have three things with you.

Pick a food

  • Joyce Romero on Unsplash

  • Chris A. Tweten on Unsplash

  • Taylor Kiser on Unsplash

  • Taylor Kiser on Unsplash

  • kayleigh harrington on Unsplash

  • Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

Favorite Villager?

  • Raymond


  • Tia


  • Coco


  • Marina


  • Merengue


  • Ankha


Pick an activity

  • Camping

    Cameron Vaughan on Unsplash

  • Netflix at home

    Mollie Sivaram on Unsplash

  • Exploring

    Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

  • Night out

    Alexander Popov on Unsplash

  • Something creative

    Alice Dietrich on Unsplash

  • Roadtrip

    Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

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