When will we travel? What the latest UK lockdown and local tier rules mean

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Can I travel right now?

On Wednesday 2 December, the new three-tier system was introduced, based on the level of coronavirus infections in the area. To find out which tier you live in, go to the government’s coronavirus restriction postcode checker. Working from home and travelling as little as possible are encouraged for all three, but here’s a breakdown of each tier.

Tier 1 (medium): No restrictions on travel in the UK or abroad, but avoid visiting a Tier 3 area, and follow household-mixing rules in a Tier 2 area. The rule of six applies indoors and out. Pub and restaurants open till 11pm for table service.

Tier 2 (high): No restrictions on travel in the UK or abroad, but avoid visiting Tier 3 areas; households and support bubbles can only mix outdoors, following the rule of six. ‘Unnecessary’ travel is advised against, though no penalties will apply. Restaurants open until 11pm along with pubs that serve substantial food.

Tier 3 (very high): No unnecessary travel outside your area, and hotels and restaurants closed, unless they serve takeaway meals. Fixed penalties may be applied.

Will UK hotels open after lockdown?

See our guide to will UK hotels open after lockdown below:

Will hotels in the UK open after lockdown? The latest tier rules

Can I travel abroad in December?

From 2 December, yes, if you live in a Tier 1 or Tier 2 area, and only to certain countries. The Foreign Office drew back its travel ban to allow non-essential trips from 2 December. A list of countries have been exempt from the current UK quarantine rules since 10 July, though this is updated frequently. This means travellers visiting the select list of countries don’t need to self-isolate upon return to England (travellers living in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will need to check local requirements). Entry requirements into the select countries vary – with many requiring a negative Covid test upon arrival.

For the latest travel inspiration considering the latest UK quarantine rules, see our guide to where you can travel from the UK.

Where is safe to travel to right now from the UK?

If I do travel abroad now lockdown has ended again, will I have to quarantine when I get back to the UK?

That depends on what country you’ve visited. If you’re travelling to one of the countries exempt from UK quarantine rules, you don’t have to self-isolate upon your return. But from Tuesday 15 December, anyone arriving in England from countries that are not exempt from UK quarantine rules only have to quarantine for five days and then take a Covid test; if this proves negative no further self-isolation is required. These travel quarantine rules apply to anyone arriving by air, plane or sea. If you’re arriving into Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland – it is best to double-check the rules on each government website as they may slightly differ.

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