Whatever happened to America’s goal of a color blind society

"Оптимизм - это доктрина, утверждающая, что все прекрасно, включая безобразное, все хорошо, особенно плохое, и все правильно, в том числе неправильное… Доктрина эта передается по наследству, однако, к счастью, не заразна." Амброз Бирс ©

The question of race relations is constant in our contemporary society. We hear a great deal about “white supremacy” and “white privilege,” and there are those who suggest that almost all white Americans are, to one degree or another, “racist.” Consider Ibram Kendi, author of the bestseller “How To Be An Anti-Racist.” According to Kendi, any racial gap is racist by definition. Any intellectual explanation of its existence, whether it is sociological or cultural, is also racist. He has told us that anything that is not “anti-racist” is perforce racist. The Kendi book is increasingly influential…

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