What «Harry Potter» Plot Hole Still Bothers You To This Day?

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Alright, Potterheads. It’s your time to shine. I know you have figured out some tiny plot hole from the books that still bothers you to this day.

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For instance, in the first book Dumbledore banned the third floor where Fluffy was guarding a trap door, but Harry, Ron, and Hermione fell through the trap door in the end. But how do you fall through a trap door that’s on the THIRD floor? Does the chute go through the rest of the castle somewhere?!

What Harry Potter Plot Hole Still Bothers You To This Day?

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Or maybe you’ve wondered why the heck Harry didn’t get to fix his eyesight with magic and instead had to go about wearing glasses in all of the books. In Chamber of Secrets, they’re able to regrow his arm bones overnight. Why not 20/20 vision!

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And if Hogwarts is supposedly the safest, most secure place, then why in the world did Dumbledore not provide more thorough background checks for incoming professors? Especially after Professor Quirrell! I mean, Lockhart was a fraud and Moody was someone else entirely.

What Harry Potter Plot Hole Still Bothers You To This Day?

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Now it’s your turn! What tiny detail was left out of the Harry Potter books that created a plot hole you just can’t get over? Let us know in the comments below for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!

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