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  • wethuaqm commented on What’s Your Favorite Non-Hit Single By An Artist/Band Everyone Loves?

    Literally anything by James Arthur that isn’t a single
    Quite Miss Home is just so relatable, it’s written as something for a lover or spouse but honestly for me I think of my mom whenever I listen to it.
    If Only is another one by h that really hits deep. Its basically anyone who feels


  • wethuaqm commented on How Well Do You Remember «The Fosters»?

    Just wanted to say that Mat wasn’t Mariana’s first boyfriend. Her first boyfriend was that kid from the drama club, I’m pretty sure his name was Zach but not 100%. He moved away shortly after they started dating to live with his dad.

  • wethuaqm commented on Tell Us All Of Your Burning Questions For Little Mix

    How was the transition from being total strangers to the sisters that you are today?

    And lets talk about your fashion glow up. Like you guys made bright coulors, suspenders and bow ties fashionable (not pointing any fingers *cough*Jade*cough*). Now you are fashion icons with your


  • wethuaqm commented on 15 Nostalgic «Barbie» Movies, Ranked From Worst To Best

    Ok let’s me just point out the fact that ‘Barbie In Mermaid Tale’ isn’t here. That is by far the best Barbie movie imo (even though I have mega love for Princess and The Pauper as well as Rapunzel). To this day I find myself randomly singing ‘She’s the queen of the waves’ and I haven’t


  • wethuaqm commented on 20 Times Actors Left Their Roles And Ruined The Whole Series

    After Jake T Austin left The Fosters and Noah Centineo replaced him, I couldn’t get through an episode without wonder how Jake would’ve done it differently or how he should still be there.

    No hate to Noah though. He was an amazing replacement.

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