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"Некоторые люди думают, что будyт счaстливы, если пеpeедут в дpугое место, а потом оказывается: куда бы ты ни поeхал, ты берёшь с собoй себя." Нил Гейман ©

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Check out higher ed jobs website, filter to adjunct/pt and what field. Some places look specifically for online. You may need some sort of class to do it, such as a Quality Matters course, but they usually put you through that and pay the course fee (I can’t speak for every college, but I know more than a few that do this).

I teach front end dev. I couldn’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had students submit a zip folder of their site, for them to compress only the index (by itself, not in a folder) and submit that.

bUt iT wOrKS FiNe oN My cOmpUTeR!!1!

Reminds me of the episode of «Frasier» when Frasier and Niles thought they were decended from the Romanoffs.

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That’s pretty much… what I figured

But he sent them a meme about their divorce. If they’re still upset about the divorce, then making a joke out of it is extremely insensitive. Imagine your grandfather died and your dad made some bad joke about it during his funeral? You might laugh about it, but you likely won’t. And it would be insensitive to make that joke.

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Yeah man, death is not the same as a divorce. Very different reactions to two different scenarios.

Definitely is the point, but yes, okay.

I have several tattoos on my forearms and hands, and I kept my gauges in my ears (13mm) and no one has ever said a word about them. I occasionally get jokes about one (Pearson’s r) on my left forearm about how it’s great for cheating, but I’m in art and design so its a bit irrelevant for my field, so I don’t offense or anything. I’m also the only faculty member in my dept with tattoos that are visible.

I can’t even watch this without wanting to throw hands if I were in his shoes. I mean, it’s a terrible idea, but it’s enraging to watch.

I’ve found that leaving an inch or two from the bottom saves a little room for you to push the straw past the lid once the straw becomes flaccid. Doing this in reverse (pulling the straw so the sturdier part is in contact with the lid) only tears the paper straw. I’ve been doing this since paper straws were introduced last year and it’s tripled the amount of time I can use them.

great tip, but surely there was a word other that flaccid you could have used?

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Oh there definitely are! Lol

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