Washington, Malek and Leto revisit 1990s noir in detective thriller

"Мир делится на два класса — одни веруют в невероятное, другие совершают невозможное." Оскар Уайлд ©

Los Angeles (AFP) — When «The Little Things» was written, Denzel Washington had just won his first Oscar, Jared Leto was an unknown actor fresh off the bus in Hollywood, and Rami Malek had barely finished elementary school. Now each an Academy Award-winning star in their own right, the trio have combined to finally bring the three-decade-old dark, detective thriller to the screen, out Friday in theaters and on HBO Max streaming. Set in the murky criminal underworld of 1990 Los Angeles, the movie finds a semi-retired cop (Washington) pairing up with a hotshot young sergeant (Malek) to track a s…

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