"Мудрый человек требует всего только от себя, ничтожный же человек требует всего от других." Лев Толстой ZM
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  • vickyyyyy01 commented on What’s Your Favorite Acting Performance That Wasn’t Nominated For An Oscar?

    Jacob Tremblay for Room! I know there are rules in the academy for nominating children, and you have to be a certain age, but he was so incredible in that role! It was so demanding and intense, I wish he’d been recognised with a nomination!

    6 days ago

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  • vickyyyyy01 commented on What’s Something You Believed In A Movie That Turned Out To Be Fake?

    I was convinced Lindsay Lohan had a twin when I watched the parent trap as a kid. It wasn’t until a was older (too old to still believe that lol) that I rewatched the film again and realised it was probably just a trick from the magic world of film making

    4 months ago

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  • vickyyyyy01 commented on We Wanna Know Which Super Popular 2019 Song You Thought Was Really Overrated

    Taylor Swift’s ME! Honestly I loved reputation, and Lover was amazing. But I just found Me so disappointing and overrated. It was also weirdly annoying? There were so many better songs on that album that deserve recognition.

    6 months ago

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