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"Реальность - это галлюцинация, вызванная недостатком алкоголя в крови." Уинстон Черчилль ZM
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  • Grubhub Collected Record Fees From Restaurants Struggling To Stay Alive During The Pandemic

    Restaurants expect to lose $240 billion by the end of the year, but for Grubhub, “COVID-19 is a net tailwind” for now.

  • Americans Are Really Scared About Their Economic Future

    A third of Americans expect their households’ finances to be worse a year from now.

  • “I Am Only Earning $300 A Week”: Here’s What People Are Making For Essential Work

    “The take-home pay is completely ludicrous for what we do.”

  • J.Crew Has Filed For Bankruptcy During The Coronavirus Lockdowns

    It can’t help that no one has gotten into real pants for months.

  • Unemployment Is Higher For Low-Wage Workers, Women, People Of Color

    The overall jobless rate was 14.7% in April.

  • Hospitals Expect To Lose More Than $200 Billion Because Of The Coronavirus

    In the first months of the coronavirus pandemic, more than a million health care workers have lost their jobs. Hospitals expect to lose $202.6 billion by June.

  • Renters Were Already Screwed. Now They’re In A Panic.

    As renters and landlords seek more government relief in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the larger crisis of housing affordability looms.

  • Students Are Going To Law School For Three Years To Get Executive JDs, But None Of Them Are Becoming Lawyers

    A little-known and lightly regulated online school is offering students a three-year degree in the law with just one catch: They won’t be allowed to be lawyers after they graduate.

  • Here’s What A $75K Salary Gets You In Six Different Cities In The US

    Over the last few months, BuzzFeed News spoke with six people around the country, in a diverse set of circumstances, to see what life on roughly $75,000 looks like today.