US inaugurations: High drama and sore losers

"Обладание всякого рода благами - это еще не все. Получать наслаждение от обладания ими - вот в чем состоит счастье." Пьер Бомарше ©

Paris (AFP) — Outgoing US President Donald Trump will be far from the first to boycott his successor Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday — but his absence will be the first since 1869. In fact, many past inaugurations were conducted in a febrile atmosphere, with some turning to high drama: The boycottersPresidential bad blood goes back a long way. In 1801 the second US president John Adams snubbed his successor Thomas Jefferson, leaving the White House at dawn after calling his former vice-president as «a mean-spirited, low-lived son of a half-breed Indian squaw». His son John Quincy Adams …

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