Tweet of the Week #119: Akita Prefecture’s Entire Population Can Fit in Chiba City

"Бесконечны лишь Вселенная и глупость человеческая, при этом относительно бесконечности первой из них у меня имеются сомнения." А. Эйнштейн ZMEY
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It’s not news that Japan’s rural regions are dying fast. Towns and villages are vanishing more quickly than in any other country. Despite programs to develop work opportunities and financial incentives for young city-dwellers, local authorities fail to bring dying villages back to life. Akita Prefecture, known for its natural scenic beauty, has been hit hard by rural flight and sadly holds the highest population decline rate for seven consecutive years. Because images sometimes speak louder than words, Akita-based @hiroju5555 shared a powerful visual on Twitter as a way to raise awareness. Aki…

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