Try Not To Crack A Grin At These 18 Wholesome Quarantine Moments From This Week

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This nan who just wants to spend some quality time with her friend while remaining safe:

My Nan’s best friend lives at the end of the garden, so they open their adjoining gate (best friend goals), take a chair and sit and talk to each other either side wearing their masks. It was today I found out that this is the mask my Nan has been wearing.


These friends who invented some interesting mobile social distancing games:


This sibling who helped throw a quarantine dance for their sister:

my sister missed her first ever school dance bc of quarantine, so we threw a homeschool dance! 🥳🎊💕sadly she is very unpopular in homeschool and nobody asked her out💛


This girl who helped put together an at-home bar and made it feel like ~the outside world~:


This adorable mom who organized a quarantine picnic:

Yesterday my mom took my sister out to the waterfront for a little quarantine picnic 🥺🥰


These friends who missed the ocean, so they invented a new type of surfing:


This dad who made a DIY puppet theater for his daughter:

Quarantine dad win. A puppet theatre for princesses. 3 year old was so happy. I am so tired.


This baby deer who doesn’t fully grasp social distancing just yet:


This person’s new harmless and adorable hobby:


These friends who dressed as the Jonas Brothers to cheer up another friend who couldn’t go to their Vegas concert this year:


This girlfriend who went above and beyond for her boyfriend’s birthday:

Today is my birthday! 🎉🥳 I obviously can’t go out and celebrate so my girlfriend has organised a quarantine birthday party for me! 🥰 And yes, she did make the Lotus Biscoff cake all alone🤩


This boyfriend who went above and beyond for date night:


This indecisive couple who invented a new way to decide what to eat during quarantine:


This adorable grandma who didn’t let corona stand in the way of celebrating her birthday:


This boyfriend who made his girlfriend feel really special on her birthday:

2,000 miles away in quarantine, my boyfriend makes my bday special ✨💖 he door dashed dinner to me & dessert🥺 also gave me these amazing gifts!!! #quarantinebirthday #2121


This family who got a little creative and made their own version of Chopped at home:


This family who perfected their at-home Rube Goldberg machine:


And finally, this adorable and pure boyfriend who had a photo shoot with the cat:

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