Trump Social Media Accounts Locked After Stoking Violence At Capitol Protests

"Некоторые люди думают, что будyт счaстливы, если пеpeедут в дpугое место, а потом оказывается: куда бы ты ни поeхал, ты берёшь с собoй себя." Нил Гейман ©

President Donald Trump’s main megaphones to his supporters, his Twitter and Facebook and Instagram accounts, were locked and his video address to the Capitol protesters was removed from his YouTube account on Wednesday night. In recent months all of these social media platforms have added disclaimers below messages like Trump’s alleging widespread voter fraud saying such claims are “disputed,” which many experts believe is not enough.  The action from the sites comes as a result of Trump’s confusing minute-long video where he asks protesters to go home, but before that, insists that the presid…

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