Troye Sivan And His Boyfriend Are So Cute It Makes Me Almost Sick (But It Doesn’t Cause I Love Them)

"Да умоется кровью тот, кто усомнится в нашем миролюбии." Тертуллиан ZM
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I’m gagging of adorableness.

This is Troye Sivan and his boyfriend Jacob. They have been together for three years.

And in Troye’s 73 Questions interview with Vogue, Jacob made an appearance and I truly, can’t not not! I can. not. I cannoteth!

Cause they are so gosh dang cute.

Look at them, on the couch with their dog, being an adorable little family.

Look at them look at each other confused yet lovingly.

(That screenshot was taken right after they admitted their celebrity crushes)


Later on in the video, Troye says he needs runway tips from Jacob (cause he’s a model) and calls him, «babe.»

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