"Поражение – не поражение, если только вы не признаете его таковым в своем сознании." Брюс Ли ZM
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  • treymanbyther commented on Find out your soulmate by answering these questions

    Cute quiz! I like how there are 2 genders for names so it’s more inclusive!

  • treymanbyther commented on How Do Your «The Office» Opinions Compare to Everyone Else?

    Fun quiz! I havent seen The Office in a while so some of the characters were hard to remember so pictures might have been helpful, but I really enjoyed it! (:

  • treymanbyther commented on Snooki, JWoww, And Deena Were Booed At Angelina’s Wedding And The Drama Is Just…Wow

    Ok sometimes the title of the post changes, but right now it’s “ Snooki, JWoww, And Deena Were Booed At Angelina’s Wedding And The Drama Is Just…Wow” but did anyone else read this as gibberish???

  • treymanbyther commented on 37 Movies That Are So Clever, They’ll Have You Thinking For Days

    I love shoes and movies that keep me wondering… but at the same time, simple plots make life much easier.

  • treymanbyther commented on 16 Behind-The-Scenes Facts You Might Not Have Known About Movies You’ve Always Loved

    I can’t even imagine how bad that was for Christopher Mintz-Plasse

  • treymanbyther commented on All Of The New Movies Being Released On Demand This Weekend

    Why did I even read this? I don’t have On Demand.

  • treymanbyther commented on If You’re A Teen, This Quiz Will Be Easy For You — If You’re An Adult, Good Luck

    How does buzzfeed know these kids age? There from a stock image company…

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