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"Я уверен: нельзя позволять, чтобы тебя остановило убогое словцо «нельзя»." Ричард Брэнсон ZM
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The new season starts this week!

Now is the perfect time to join. The top 10 winners of the awards season will be given special flair here on r/movies. Have questions? Feel free to ask!

How to join: Create a free account on and join the /r/movies league. Clicking that link should allow you to automagically join, but just in case, the password is reddit. It’s totally free, easy to play, and takes only a couple of minutes to update. The deadline to set your first lineup is this Friday at 12PM ET.

How to play: Each week you have eight screens to fill with currently playing movies in your fake theater. You can play the same movie multiple times or leave screens blank. You have $1000 to spend on movies and they are priced according to what they are projected to make. Playing the movie that gets you the best box office per price will grant you a $2 million bonus every time you play it that week. Leaving screens blank costs you $2 million in penalties. There’s also a $5 million bonus for having the perfect cinema. Your scores are added to your previous week’s, and at the end of the 13-week season the highest total wins!

Best of luck in the new season!


Place Cineplex Name Total Box Office Earned
1st Exxdee $1,296,830,739
2nd Something Clever $1,252,259,351
3rd Zippy’s Trophy Case $1,243,594,816
4th bighen1516’s Megaplex $1,241,936,347

Поделиться ссылкой:

Объявление беZплатно! + Ваше Объявление

Мысль на память: Если ваша единственная цель — стать богатым, вы никогда не достигнете ее.


Zmeinogorsk.RU$: ^Град ОбречЁнный^ -Информация- Земля Неизвестная!?

Уzнать: Этот День в Истории!

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