Top 542 Coworking Spaces in Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai used to be N.1 for the digital nomad life.

It is still great and you can find really cheap apartments (300-400$) and restaurants (2-3$ for a main).

Wouldn’t recommend staying there during the burning season.

The best area is Nimman, but it’s also the most expensive. You can stay in the old city that’s very nice but that gets noisy during the weekend for the night markets.

Last but not least, very safe city.

All in all would go back in a heartbeat.

1 year ago

A solid spot to live and work remotely. Plenty of things to do and relaxed quality of life. Many places to work from. Downsides are the lack of sidewalks makes walking around town uncomfortable. Also the traffic is very bad.

1 year ago

It’s the cheapest digital nomad friendly spot in the world, that is also nice and convenient. Although the earlier reviews do point out the issue of air quality and transportation. the local food is great plus there’s a variety of world class restaurants, there’s nature and lots of places to see that aren’t tourist spots, loads of coworking spots and cafes, .. but it’s also just boring enough to be a good spot to settle down and focus on work.. plus month to month rentals are super common here, can show up at many places and rent a room for a month

1 year ago

I have to agree with previous review from 6 days ago. Its definitely not like before- the vibe has definitely changed. I have lived here on/off for the past 2 years on METV visa, 60 Day visa, and now its not worth staying and dealing with the hassels. Infrastructure is terrible with dirty roads, definitely not a walkable city which is a shame since the Nimman area could have been a walking street, but cars and scooters dominate this city. Just try to cross and walk the streets and you will see what i mean- no mercy! I no longer feel CM is a good digital nomad city, its gotten way too inconvenient with visa’s, dirty polluted air, smokey season as of Jan, just not a nomad paradise. If you’re traveling alone single ladies- dating pool is terrible- Vietnam could be the better choice or Eastern Europe as a base. Good Luck.

1 year ago

Chiang Mai has THE WORST AIR QUALITY of any city in the world for >= ~2 months every year (Google «burning season»). So impossible to ever live here permanently, even if you like the place. Also, Thailand is now cracking down on people using back-to-back visas or visa free entries to stay as well (just Google for it on the forums). It was getting harder and harder to stay (before I left) and the vibe wasn’t as good as it used to be. Most people have moved onto Vietnam, which is much easier to stay in, much more up-and-coming, and where the authorities are much friendlier towards digital nomads.

1 year ago

I have been told it’s the vanilla of digital nomads : easy, cheap, risk free. I loved it so much I want to move there ! Great food, great places to see and awesomely polite and nice people.

1 year ago

Can’t recommend it enough. Been a nomad now for 2 years and this ticks a lot of boxes. Great quality people you meet here compared to the rest of Thailand.

1 year ago

Great place. You can avoid the dropshipper, FBA and MLM webinar course people who have infested the coworkings here for years, by, well, just not visiting the coworking spaces here.

1 year ago

Great place. Very easy to live here.

Every self confessed «Digital Nomad» in Chiang Mai is borderline psychotic/delusional. Luckily, they’re easy to avoid. Stick with the expats, locals, and tourists and you’ll meet some great people.

My second digital nomad pick after Saigon.

1 year ago

I really can’t see what’s cool here. The air is highly toxic, the old city is charming but outside of it there is so much traffic it’s so noisy and you can never cross the streets. If you don’t have a sccoter it’s super annoying to go from a point to another quickly. No real transports. The coworking places or made of unfriendly western people.

1 year ago

Why Chiang Mai? Because it’s the easiest place to live of anywhere IMO. You can afford everything, you can do everything, you can access everything, and everything is available. It’s very very low stress place compared to everywhere else, which is one of:

— expensive (north america)

— cold (europe)

— terrible food (most places)

— terrible airbnb/apartments (most places)

— no modern amenities available like apple store, mall, normal shops (bali)

— awful local transport (bali)

— not easy to get around with just english (europe)

Chiang mai is just the «everything is easy» nomad capital which means I can focus on work and not be stressed out about everything

actually my only complaints about Chiang Mai are:

1. bit boring, not THAT much to do

2. hard to find normal humans to hang out with who aren’t delusional dropship scammers trying to escape real life

1 year ago

Spent a little over 2 months in CM. Loved it.

A little bit annoyed with the hippy western backpackers who suddenly becomes more Thai than the Thai’s themselves with their ridiculous elephant pants, but you can easily look past that.

Still way too many dodgy dropshippers and FBA bros hanging out at the coworking spaces, but with the abundance of hipster cafe’s serving great coffee for 80 baht you don’t even need to go to a coworking space to get stuff done.

Regardless, I’m definitely going back. It’s a fantastic place to be productive, meet cool people and enjoy Khao Soi.

1 year ago

Chiang Mai is a gas chamber. The smokey season starts beginning of January and goes on till end of May. But apart of that: the air is bad year around. The city has grown too fast. Pity because Chiang Mai is a fantastic place!

1 year ago

I just got back here in late 2018 and it’s better than ever. People who say «Chiang Mai is overrun by nomads» are really mistaken. I hardly saw them. I did see lots of Chinese and some Korean tourists, but they were all quite nice and mostly around Nimman. There’s also the few American vegan midlifer’s in the Old City center, but that’s about it. Chiang Mai is cool and breezy, there’s now public bicycles literally everywhere that you can rent for 250 THB or $6 (per month!) with the MoBike app. The red buses (or Songthaew’s) are now legit and don’t rip tourists off anymore, so you can drive everywhere for 30 THB or $1. People are nice. It’s still super safe, even late a night. The food is better than ever. And thanks to the nomad wave of 2014 in Chiang Mai, there’s now lots of hip cafes that allow coworking too. It’s a great city.

2 years ago

It’s no surprise that Chiang Mai is currently the top city for digital nomads to live and work in. It has the far lowest cost of living in comparison to other cities, including low rent for decent apartments. With a variety of great co-working spaces on the rise, not to mention the number of coffee shops with decent Wi-Fi, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

2 years ago

The city where digital nomadism essentially started. There’s no other place where you can walk out of the airplane, get a cheap place to rent, find a boutique cafe to work, and then meet locals and nomads in the same day. Some people say it’s overrun by nomads, which is fair. But it still remains one of the best places to start out.

2 years ago

✅ Affordable to live

✅ Very safe

✅ Fast internet

✅ Lots of fun stuff to do

✅ Warm now

✅ Warm all year round

✅ Good air quality today

✅ Nomad List members liked going here a lot

✅ Many Nomad List members here all year round

✅ Spacious and not crowded

✅ Easy to make friends

✅ Very easy to do business

✅ Great hospitals

✅ People can speak basic English

✅ Very safe for women

✅ Family friendly

✅ LGBTQ+ friendly

✅ Not many people smoke tobacco

❌ Very humid now

❌ Quality of education is low

❌ Roads are very dangerous

❌ Freedom of speech is weak

❌ Not very democratic

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