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"Всякая человеческая голова подобна желудку: одна переваривает входящую в оную пищу, а другая от нее засоряется." Козьма Прутков ZM
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Bunch of little kids who need to go to timeout

What did Best Buy ever do to them?

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I have literal pain from motorcycles and ATVs. The fact that these people drive them all day and night through my neighborhood means I’m basically living in my own personal hell.

Ignorance is bliss, as they say.

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Some people just don’t care

I’m at the point of ending shit because I can’t cope anymore

My boyfriend has an old desk chair that squeaks extremely loud every time time he makes the slightest movement and he has no intention to fix it or get a new one but he has expressed he doesn’t like it. I put on my noise cancelling headphones to cope but its still too loud and it makes me want to cry whenever he leans back in his chair. I honestly might cave and gift him a new chair since we are quarantining together

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Hey can u try wd 40??? It works miracles !!

Spray some on where the squeak is

Yes they make noise yes it will add to your condition. If you have a problem with having kids please join that dumbass child free group on there

I’m an antinatalist. I could never create a future human who may suffer through life. It’s cruel.

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Where do you get diagnosed formally? There has been two pyschologists I’ve reached out to and never heard of it or my doctor

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