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"Запомните, что не достичь успеха – иногда тоже большая удача." Далай Лама ©

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Top of the food chain everybody.

ApEx PrEdAtOr everybody.

It will hurt. A lot. Like you will always be a common man and nothing above mediocre.

Basically if I “lend you my body” or (lets be real) “sell you my soul,” get ready for Hell because I ain’t taking my body back. I choose death.

Emma Watson commits suicide.

Naomi Scott comes out as a lesbian.

That kid could be our Lord and Savior. How dare you insult Christians like this?

If you’re so concerned, why don’t you offer to adopt it. Refusing to help her is very unchristian of you.

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I am sorry I was being and sarcastic. I guess I watch too much South Park.

Rich self righteous Muslims and their enablers.

The sound of artillery and how it affects babies.

Your boyfriend is a King. You better respect him and wipe his ass if needed. Also stop acting like a pleb in the presence of a King.

Lol you can talk when you are a true chad hunting elk near the Rockefeller buildings, laying down corn, and preparing venison on the interstate.

Before that you are just a virgin space monkey.

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