Tokyo 2020 organisers warn against big gatherings during torch relay

"Следует свой ум углублять, а не расширять и, подобно фокусу зажигательного стекла, собрать все тело и все лучи своего ума в одной точке." Клод Гельвеций ©

TOKYO (Reuters) — The Tokyo Olympic Organising Committee said on Thursday they are asking spectators for the upcoming torch relay to support by clapping, and will broadcast the event live to avoid gatherings. The torch relay, which will begin on March 25 and travel through Japan, could be temporarily suspended over concerns about the coronavirus pandemic if big gatherings are spotted on streets during the event, Yukihiko Nunomura, senior executive at Tokyo 2020, told a media briefing. «By any chance, if any dense gatherings happen on streets, torch relay can be stopped as we prioritise safety …

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