TikTokers Are Saying If A Ring Leaves A Black Mark On Your Face, You’re Anemic — So We Talked To A Doctor To Get The Truth

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There’s been a recent trend on TikTok where people are rubbing rings on their faces to see if it creates dark marks on their skin, and if it does, then they’re supposedly anemic:

So, what are the actual signs people can look out for if they’re worried they might have anemia? Dr. Pathak said the most common symptoms depend on how low your blood cell count is and how quickly it dropped. «Some people don’t have any symptoms at all. Some can feel tired and weak, have pale skin, and cold hands and feet. In more severe cases, people can feel short of breath, dizzy, or lightheaded and have chest pain,» she explained.


«The treatment for anemia depends on the underlying cause. If it’s from iron deficiency, doctors usually try to figure out why you are anemic and try to solve that underlying problem while providing you with iron supplements. For vitamin deficiencies, like B12 deficiency, your doctor will give you vitamin B12. In severe cases, you may need a blood transfusion,» she added.

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