This TikTok Video Of Babies With Purple Mouths Went Viral After This Mom Said They Ate Sharpies

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TikTok stopped me dead in my tracks the other day when I saw this video:

BuzzFeed also spoke to a senior medical director at WebMD, Dr. Hansa Bhargava, to get a little more information about thrush. «Thrush is a yeast infection that anyone can get, usually caused by Candida albicans. It causes vaginal infections in women, but it is also prevalent in babies. In babies, it causes whitish plaques in the mouth and can make them fussy,» Bhargava said.

Christel Holland

Bhargava added: «Babies may get thrush because their immune system is less mature. Other reasons include nipples on bottles being contaminated or pacifiers getting contaminated. To prevent thrush, try to keep those clean, and if a pacifier drops to the floor, make sure you wash it before offering it to the baby again. Lastly, if you are breastfeeding, make sure you don’t have pain or irritation around the nipple area, as this may be a yeast infection too.»

So, what made Christel’s baby’s mouth turn so purple? It was the medicine used to treat thrush, called Gentian Violet. «This is an antifungal medicine that helps get rid of the infection — it is used several times a day in a baby’s mouth for about 10 days. It does have a ‘violet’ color, so it can look purple,» Bhargava explained.

Christel Holland, @christelholland / TikTok

«I didn’t know much about thrush, since I was a new mom, but with my son, I noticed almost instantly that it was thrush and knew I needed to get the violet medicine as soon as possible because thrush can be a pretty big pain to get rid of,» Christel said.

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