This TikTok Of What Employees Do With Product Returns At Ulta Is Truly Upsetting And Eye-Opening

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Bianca Ann Levinson has been an Ulta employee in Wichita Falls, Texas for more than a year. She recently decided to share a video on TikTok about how most product returns are handled:

Discarding returned products is called “damaging out” in the industry, and Bianca said that when she first got the job, she had a hard time doing it to so many products — like the brand-new Kylie Lip Kit she had to ruin in the video. “As time went on, I learned why it had to be done and it didn’t bother me as much. The main reason why things are damaged out is because of the possibility of cross contamination. If a seal is broken, even if it is unused, we have to either destroy it, send it back to the vendor, or send to DC where it can properly be discarded,” she said.

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