This Mom On TikTok Has Been Making «Water Popsicles,» AKA Ice, For Her Kids And It’s Kinda Genius

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These would have saved me a lot of cavities back in the day.

Erin Bachman, a 27-year-old content creator on TikTok, has two young sons who LOVE popsicles. This, of course, has always posed an issue for their clothes, the furniture, and the floor.


One day, when Erin’s oldest son was helping her get ice cubes out of a tray, he was begging her to let him suck on some of the ice chunks that broke off. Suddenly, she had an idea.


She decided to make some «popsicles» that were just ice on a stick. «I already had the popsicle molds, so I figured I’d just give it a try, and turns out it was a hit!» Erin told BuzzFeed. «He is actually the one that came up with the name ‘water popsicles’!»

Erin said the water popsicles have really helped with preventing the types of messes that flavored ones create. She also said her kids know that they’re just water, so she isn’t «tricking» them.

«Both of my kids always say they’re yummy, but they also think that every flavor of real popsicles tastes the same, so I think it’s more that they’re excited about having something frozen on a popsicle stick than it is about the actual taste,» she said.


The fact that water popsicles have no sugar «is just an added benefit for us,» Erin said. «My kids eat a pretty balanced diet and I’m teaching them to take everything in moderation, so I’m definitely not opposed to sugary snacks here and there.»

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Erin acknowledged that the «water popsicles» trick won’t work for every family, but «if you’re tired of cleaning up sticky, melted popsicle messes or if you’re looking for a sugar-free treat, it’s worth a try!» she said.

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