This Mom Challenged Her Family To Re-Make A Viral TikTok Every Day For A Week

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As all parents know, getting through quarantine with kids is not easy. Between the distance learning, total lack of personal time, and failed attempts to limit screentime…it’s a lot!


Well, Mom in Progress is back with a new mini-season, and Hannah Williams has been going through it too. Not only is she busy working from home, but she’s also trying to wrangle her three boys, including her youngest who is just 4 months old.


In the finale, Hannah decides that — in order to engage with her family during this weird, stressful time — she will challenge them to recreate a different viral TikTok every day for a full week.

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Hannah said, «I decided to do this TikTok challenge because, to be quite honest right now, I’m hardly engaging my kids at all. I’m working from home, I have a 4-month-old and two older kids, and literally the majority of the day they’re doing whatever they like, they’re sitting in front of a screen, whatever works right now. And I’m doing basically the bare minimum as a parent.»

On the first day, Hannah and her boys decided to recreate this viral TikTok where @missnorooz tried to draw herself with the whirlpool filter on:

Can I just say the whirlpool filter makes me want to break out the Dramamine? NO THANKS, FILTER! Anyway, here was 8-year-old Jackson’s attempt to draw a pizza (instead of a self-portrait) with the dizzying filter on:

Honestly, Jackson did really well! Like, I would not have even come remotely close to anything resembling pizza:

Hannah Williams

On day two, they decided to do a food challenge and tried to make that whipped coffee you’ve see all over, like in this viral TikTok by @ingalam:

Despite 5-year-old Wyatt’s attempt to sell mom on making it with chocolate chips (I’m right there with you, kid), they made it with matcha:

The resulting TikTok? It wasn’t exactly perfect.

Hannah Williams

Hannah said, “It is very difficult to do stuff and film a TikTok at the same time.” But their biggest problem making this TikTok? They ran out of time. “So it’s a nice lengthy step-by-step, and then I only had like .5 seconds to show the finished product.”

But the whipped matcha itself was pretty good!

Jackson said, «Mmmm, that is really yummy!» and Wyatt (who would have preferred it to have been made out of chocolate chips) said, «That’s actually really good!»

Their next two attempted TikToks were — to quote Jackson — «big fails,» but then things improved on day five when they they tried a «lonely chair» TikTok, like this one by @sweatmoustache (Hi, Chrissy!):

The result was a success! And it had a very parent-y twist of incorporating Sophie the Giraffe:

Hannah said, “This TikTok was the best performing TikTok of the week. It was really creative and simple, and really fun and lighthearted, and everyone loves Wyatt. So it performed well.”

Hannah might wish she’d stopped there, though, as their next attempt was to remake this couple challenge by @gabimikaa:

How did it go? Well, uh, just look:

Despite their struggles, Hannah and her family completed the challenge by making a themed dinner TikTok, where they had a great time bonding and going full goth:


In the end, Hannah said that when it comes to TikTok, «It’s less fun if you put pressure on yourself to do it. TikTok is spontaneous. The way TikToks are successful is if they’re very real, natural, and in the moment.

 We had a good time, but for future TikToks I will stick to what I know, which is just filming funny things that happen in the moment. Nothing fancy!

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