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Brixton’s energy is as charged as its most famous street, which Eddie Grant immortalised in his 1982 hit ‘Electric Avenue’. The founder of Britain’s first interracial rock group isn’t the only musical icon from the area: David Bowie was born here, and a mural of his character Aladdin Sane has become a shrine to the singer since he died in 2016, while Jimi Hendrix is said to have jammed at the now-defunct Railway Hotel. But Brixton’s shiny pop-culture personality is the tip of the iceberg, and beneath it is a history that many still work hard to protect. Windrush Square is named in honour of the Afro-Caribbean community’s contribution to Brixton, many of whom arrived in England on the HMT Empire Windrush in 1948. Lower rents and an increase in job opportunities have seen a younger crowd move in over the past 20 years, placing Brixton at the centre of many debates over gentrification. But the contrast of generations, ethnicities and lifestyles means the area is alive; fresh, new ideas are adapting to the area’s cultural foundations, and there’s the sense that it can only continue to contribute to all Brixton has to offer. To find the best tables to book, read our guide on the best restaurants in Brixton.

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