They Had Planned For A Wedding With 200 Guests And The Coronavirus Pandemic Happened. Their Photo Captures Just How Different Their Big Day Was.

"Я ошибался, но я никогда не допускал ошибки, утверждая, что никогда не ошибался." Джеймс Гордон Беннетт ZM
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In messages to BuzzFeed News, Parris said: “We always planned on getting married at St. Ignatius church, Emily went to school at USF (University of San Francisco) which is affiliated with that church.”

On their decision to not postpone the occasion, Emily said: “It was a hard call to make. On one hand we wanted to have everyone with us, but we wanted to get married and start our lives together.

“Once the shelter-in-place took effect, we spent some time trying to figure out what we should do next. Neither of us wanted to postpone indefinitely, since it’s hard to figure out when things will feel right again, meanwhile we did not want to put our loved ones at risk.”

The county has to date 1,468 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and has been on lockdown since March 17.

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