These Siblings On TikTok Threw Their Brother His Very Own Music Festival In Quarantine, And It’s Officially Gone Viral

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I wanna go to Danielpalooza!

As a music lover and frequent festivalgoer, I’ve definitely missed getting my fix, since every music festival has either been postponed or canceled because of quarantine and the coronavirus pandemic.


Sometimes livestreams just don’t cut it, ya feel?

Well, Madelyn Hopfensperger, a 24-year-old actor from Nashville, obviously felt the same way, which is why she and her sisters decided to throw their brother, Daniel, his very own festival, «Danielpalooza,» for his birthday. Madelyn then posted the festivities to TikTok, and I’ve gotta say, the level of detail is AMAZING:

The box, the wristband, the pregame, security…everything is simply *chef’s kiss*. Not to mention the kickass SpongeBob theme!

Madelyn told BuzzFeed that the idea was inspired by her and her siblings’ favorite music festival, Lollapalooza. «It has a special place in our hearts because the past few years my brother, little sister, and I have all attended it together. We always have such an incredible time, and I hope things go back to normal by August so we can attend again this year!»

She continued: «My little sister came up with the name Danielpalooza, and then ideas started spiraling from there. We tried to think of all the little details that make music festivals unique: getting a box in the mail with your wristband, GA/VIP wristbands, the security checkpoint, not being able to bring in outside alcohol, the VIP section, a lineup poster, smoke machines, laser lights, and of course, MUSIC. We wanted every detail to be as accurate as possible!»

Madelyn also shared a TikTok of what it was like INSIDE Danielpalooza, and it looked, shall we say, pretty lit:

Daniel apparently had to sneak into VIP because he only had a GA wristband, a true festival rite of passage.

And they even got the whole family involved for the lineup! «Since we don’t have access to booking famous talent, we decided that we’d be the headliners! We all gave ourselves artist names based off of the stupid nicknames that Daniel has assigned us over the years. Then we created 10- to 20-minute performances for the festival schedule.»

When asked if he was surprised by the bday festival celebration, Daniel told BuzzFeed, «I was pretty caught off guard by it. … I expected to maybe play some drinking games with my sisters during the day but didn’t expect a FRICKEN MUSIC FESTIVAL.»

@madelynsusername / Via

He added, «Their preoccupation with the setup paid off because I had a blast, and the attention to detail definitely made me feel loved and appreciated.»

And in the end, Madelyn is just happy they were all able to come together. «It was really special to do this event. As we’ve all gotten older, it’s been a while since we’ve all been under one roof. One huge positive of everything going on in the world is that it has brought us all together again, like when we were kids. This might be the last family birthday where we’re all in one physical place, and Danielpalooza was the perfect way to celebrate that.»

My festival-loving heart can’t take it! 😭 I think the only thing left to do now is ask, how do I get on the VIP list for next year’s Danielpalooza?!??