These High School Seniors Dressed Up For Their ID Photos And The Results Are Incredibly Impressive

"Стоит только поверить, что вы можете – и вы уже на полпути к цели." Теодор Рузвельт ZM
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Every year, the seniors of North Farmington High School in Michigan dress up for their student ID pictures. Well, last year’s class — and several classes before — went suuuuuuuuuper viral with their wildly imaginative takes on TV and movie characters, celebrities, and other pop culture icons!!!

Soooooo without further ado, let me introduce to you the incredibly imaginative class of 2020:


me explaining to the photographer why she should retake my picture:

the photographer:


“Good afternoon, My name is Russell and I am a wilderness explorer in tribe 54” #NFID20


“Sit back there and say my hair ain’t luxurious , when you know it is” #NFID20 @KattWilliams

Check out the rest of the students’ ID pictures here!!!!!!!!!!

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