The Ultimate Guide To Photo Resources For BuzzFeed Community Users

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Paweł Czerwiński/BuzzFeed/Apple/Anna Kopsky / Via Unsplash /

Howdy! So, you’ve just signed up for a BuzzFeed Community account and have the perfect idea for a post, but where the heck are you going to find pictures to use?

We’re here to help! First and foremost, please make sure to read our Rules and Guidelines. Kindly note that BuzzFeed Community does not support any accounts or posts that are of a self-promotional, political, or commercial nature. Not sure if your post fits our guidelines? Click that link above and take a look!

Before we start, the number one thing to remember is: Respect other creators’ intellectual property!

Comedy Central

You’re welcome to post content you’ve created, like original photos or illustrations, but if you use an image you didn’t create (like a still from a movie or a GIF) make sure you provide proper credit to the creator. This guide will help you with finding images to use and teach you how to credit them properly!

OK, ready for some resources? Let’s goooooo!

If you’re searching for hi-res photos to use for thumbnails, lists, or quizzes, we recommend using free photo sites, like…


Laura Patrick / Via Unsplash /

Photographers from around the world generously donate their pictures to Unsplash for anyone to use — as long as they’re given proper credit for their art.

The credit section should look like this:

BuzzFeed/Anna Kopsky

When you download the image from Unsplash, a box will pop up with the artist’s name. Then, grab the URL and you’ve got all the info you need to credit whichever gorgeous photo you select for your post.


We’ve recently updated our quiz maker, so you can select an Unsplash image for your quiz result from the comfort of your own draft! If you upload an image this way, the photo credit will automatically upload itself.

BuzzFeed/Anna Kopsky

Simply select «add an image» in the results section of your quiz maker draft, then type a keyword into the search bar. Once you click on an image, it’ll automatically get uploaded.

The credit section for a Pixabay image should look like this:

BuzzFeed/Anna Kopsky

After downloading a Pixabay photo, the photographer’s name will pop up. Copy that name into the «credit» field. Then, copy the URL into the «via» field.

On Flickr Commons, type a keyword. Then make sure to select «all creative commons» in the drop down box, so you know you’re only browsing through images you have permission to use.

Flickr Creative Commons / Anna Kopsky

When crediting Flickr Creative Commons, it should look like this:

BuzzFeed/Anna Kopsky

Find the photographer’s name, and paste it into the «credit» field. Then, source Flickr Creative Commons and drop the URL into the «via» section.

And here’s how the sourcing for the above image should look:

BuzzFeed/Anna Kopsky

In the «credit» field, type the owner of the image’s name, plus the copyright license listed under the image (which, in this case, is «CC BY 2.0»). In the «via» field, source Wikimedia Commons along with the URL where you found the photo.

GIFs make the world go round. To find some, Giphy is a fabulous resource.

Bravo / Via Giphy /

You can also embed from Tumblr (learn more about embedding farther down the page).

If using Giphy, this is how you should source your GIF:

BuzzFeed/Anna Kopsky

The TV/film studio goes in the «credit» section, and the place where you found it goes in the «via» section. This goes for screen caps from TV and movies as well.

Finally, embedding is also a fun way to feature rad content.

To embed a post, you just need to follow a few easy steps. First, click on the «embed» button in your draft:

BuzzFeed/Anna Kopsky

Then, paste the URL or embed code into the box that appears, and hit «enter.» Fun and easy, right?

BuzzFeed/Anna Kopsky

So which websites allow embeds, you ask?

If you still have questions, you can email the Community team at

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