The perils of Living a digital life

"Бесконечны лишь Вселенная и глупость человеческая, при этом относительно бесконечности первой из них у меня имеются сомнения." А. Эйнштейн ©

Paul* was happy that he could stay safe at home during the Covid-19 pandemic and conveniently buy a 20 baht pen through an e-commerce service. “How can they provide a service for a 20 baht item?” said Prinya Hom-anek, a member of the National Cyber Security Committee (NCSC). His brother was the one who bought the pen. “I asked him how long it took him to fill out his information for the company and he said 30 minutes. The company wanted his data. Data is the new oil as data means money. When we download applications, every program asks to access our data. Everyone should be careful about a fre…

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