The holes in Biden’s Palestine policy tell a familiar story

"Оптимизм - это доктрина, утверждающая, что все прекрасно, включая безобразное, все хорошо, особенно плохое, и все правильно, в том числе неправильное… Доктрина эта передается по наследству, однако, к счастью, не заразна." Амброз Бирс ©

Examining the first two weeks of the Joe Biden era, one might feel a familiarity that is at once comforting after four years of Donald Trump, yet also alarming in its echoes of failed policies of the past. The Biden administration is promising to renew diplomacy with the Palestinians, to restore funding to UNRWA (the United Nations agency that provides services to Palestinian refugees in the region), to reopen the Palestine Liberation Organization’s offices in Washington, and to base its policies on consultations «with both sides.» And on Monday, the Palestinian Authority announced it had init…

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