The «Gossip Girl» Book Covers Look Different Now And I’m Not Okay

"Лишь тот достоин жизни и свободы, Кто каждый день за них идёт на бой!" И. Гете ZM
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This isn’t how it’s supposed to be.

Welp, I’ve just been alerted that I’m old as all heck!!! Because the GOOD stuff from when I was YOUNGER is now DIFFERENT and WORSE. In this case, it’s the Gossip Girl covers.

Yes, before Gossip Girl was a TV show, it was a book series (books that were, in fact, better than the show), and the covers of GG books were iconic because the theme of them was «let’s only show half a face.»

The images of these covers are ingrained into my memory.

They are literally an integral part of my formative years.

Even the covers of the books in the series that kept coming…

…and coming (there were so many books omg), had the same style. It was a part of youth culture.

The covers are no longer half of photographs. They are… illustrations!!!!

Of people with WHOLE FACES!!!!

I don’t hate them, it’s just not the same. It’s new and fresh and not like the old days!!!

FOX / Simpsons

I’ll be fine, I swear. Just needed everyone to know how the times have changed. BYE.

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