The eco-friendly hotels leading the way

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If the key word in sustainability used to be zero, the next big word will be positive. Up in the Arctic Circle, future-forward Norwegian firm Snøhetta is designing the world’s first energy-positive hotel. The Svart Hotel (pictured in CGI) – due to open on a fjord beneath the Svartisen Glacier in 2021 – will generate more solar energy than it uses through photovoltaic cells, as well as enough to cover its construction. The striking circular building will use 85 per cent less energy than comparable contemporary hotels. ‘In the future, zero-energy hotels should be the absolute minimum,’ says Snøhetta architect Kristian Edwards. In Denmark’s capital, the soon-to-open Villa Copenhagen will be an SDG hotel, meaning it will adhere to the UN’s sustainable development goals. That’s predictable coming from Denmark, less so from Las Vegas. In August the Waldorf Astoria took over the city’s sophisticated Mandarin Oriental, whose LEED Gold status established it as one of the greenest hotels on the Strip – despite competition from MGM Resorts, whose solar farm will power its entire portfolio of hotels in Sin City.

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