The best online cooking classes to do now

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We’re all spending more time than usual at home – and in our own kitchens. Whether you’re an eager home cook all year round or a bit daunted by your hob, this could be the perfect time to nudge your cooking skills up a level. So we’ve rounded up the best cooking classes you can take online to improve your suppers – from restaurant favourites with Gordon Ramsay to sourdough basics.

  • The best online cooking classes to do now

    1. Master French patisserie with Dominique Ansel

    All the workshops on the Masterclass platform revolve around a series of lessons led by a master in their field. So for the French pastry course, there was one obvious choice – Dominique Ansel, the French-born chef who created New York City’s most coveted sweet treat, the cronut, at his eponymous Soho bakery. The 17-lesson course covers Gallic classics such as Madeleines before moving onto bigger centrepieces such as a fruit tart and an intricate chocolate cake. Plus, you’ll learn how to make the perfect croissant – an essential for a locked-down brunch.

    2. Make restaurant-quality food at home with Gordon Ramsay

    If you’re longing to go out for supper, this might be the next best thing. Gordon Ramsay – whose restaurants hold seven Michelin stars between them – leads this eight-lesson Masterclass, which starts with the basics – video demonstrations show how to select the best produce, break down a fish and make pasta dough – before moving on to recipes such as red wine-poached egg with asparagus and mushrooms and crispy duck with endive and spinach. Follow up with the ultimate menu for having guests over, including rack of lamb, a vegetarian cauliflower steak and a showstopper raspberry soufflé, so you can start prepping for that epic dinner party you’re going to throw when things go back to normal.

  • The best online cooking classes to do now

    3. Learn how to make London’s prettiest sweet treats with Biscuiteers

    The biscuits made at Notting Hill’s Biscuiteers are some of the most coveted bakes in the city, whether as a present for someone else or for a treat-yourself moment. On the website you can learn how to ice biscuits like an expert with the shop’s ice-olation challenge, which consists of a series of lessons including making the perfect dough and icing different shapes. Drop your practice batches off at a neighbours’ doorstep for a contact-free act of kindness.

    4. Upgrade your Quarantinis with London’s top bartender Mr Lyan

    Turn the (very relatable) urge to drink more than usual into a hobby with help from Ryan Chetiyawardana (aka Mr Lyan, the maestro behind some of London’s best bars such as Super Lyan, Cub and more) and New York City-based bartender Lynnette Marrero. Their Masterclass teaches moonlighting mixologists how to use the spirits they have lurking in the back of the drinks cabinet and how to master classics such as the Mojito and the Martini, and gives tips on pairing cocktails with food – to soak up any samples you make during class.

  • 5. Try your hand at modern Italian cooking with help from Massimo Bottura

    Massimo Bottura’s restaurant Osteria Francescana, a three Michelin-starred joint in Modena, was named number one by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards in 2018, but his cooking classes on Masterclass are surprisingly simple. He demonstrates the basics of Emilia-Romagna cooking, from pasta dough for tortellini en brodo to parchment-baked sole and tagliatelle with ragu.

    6. Learn to butcher your own meat with Great British Chefs

    Being able to get the most out of all parts of an animal is one of the most valuable skills you can have in the kitchen. Learn the basics from Great British Chefs, who break down how to prepare a fillet of beef, how to carve a leg of lamb and how to joint a chicken into easy-to-follow steps.

  • The best online cooking classes to do now

    7. Sit in on Sourdough 101

    Finally fulfil all your bread-nerd dreams by learning to make your own sourdough, the baking trick that trumps all others. You’ll find out how to make your own starter, and how to maintain the mother dough. Then get ready to create rustic loaves, pretzels, cinnamon rolls and more. If you can’t master your own starter dough, Borough Market bakery Bread Ahead will deliver a baker’s kit that includes a sourdough starter as well as stoneground rye flour, wholemeal flour and more.

    Currently on offer for £11.99 (88 per cent off) at The Bread Ahead baker’s kit is £12 – order from

    8. Chop like a chef with lessons on knife skills

    This mini series gives top tips on how to use your knife like a pro. First – an essential – learn to use a knife safely, before really unleashing your new-found powers by learning cheffy cuts such as how to julienne, as well as finally figuring out the difference between mincing, slicing and dicing.

  • The best online cooking classes to do now

    9. Learn to cook pasta the old-fashioned way with an Italian nonna

    Nonna Nerina, the 84-year-old Italian home cook who has been teaching pasta lovers how to make fresh dough for years, has taken her classes online at Sign up for a two-hour live session, buy all the ingredients on your next supermarket shop and tune in as Nerina shares family recipes such as butter and sage ravioli, cannelloni and gnocchi with pesto. The team recommends a wine-pairing too, so you can really make an evening of it.

    10. Become a better cook with Wolfgang Puck

    Austrian-American Wolfgang Puck is Hollywood’s chef to the stars, and this Masterclass gives you his straight-shooting top tips on how to become a better home cook. His videos explain the key to training your palate and guide you through a handful of recipes from his acclaimed repertoire, such as roasted chicken with mustard port sauce, which was a staple at LA restaurant Ma Maison, where he launched his career in the 1970s.

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