The Best 38 TV Shows And Movies Our Readers Discovered During Quarantine

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No spoilers — just a bunch of really great shows to watch ASAP.

We hope you love the shows and movies we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of revenue or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh and FYI — platform, prices, and other availability details are accurate as of time of publication.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the best TV show or movie they discovered during quarantine — here’s what they’ve been streaming!



Alec Berg Inc.

«A friend has been telling me to watch for months so I finally did, and I am sold. I was so impressed with Bill Hader’s performance and the dark comedic subject matter is played out so well. It never gets too complicated (ahem, Westworld) and they do their best to tie up loose ends so you aren’t completely ruined when the season ends.» —mfalcone

Watch it on Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Now, and Vudu.


Gilmore Girls

Warner Bros. Television

«I started to watch Gilmore Girls with my bestie and I just fell in love with it! Everything about it is amazing and so relatable.» —mormitranip

Watch it on iTunes, Netflix, Philo, and Vudu.



Wiedemann & Berg Television

«The plot, characters, and the way things play out are so well-thought-out and unpredictable. It’s been hard to find another show that packs a punch and makes me think like this one has.» —sierraclouse

Watch it on Netflix.


All American

Berlanti Productions

«All American has kept me sane during quarantine. It’s a blend of drama, football, and romance that makes you want to keep watching. My boyfriend and his roommates recommended it to me and I was not disappointed.» —lilbusybuzz

Watch it on Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Vudu.


The Good Wife

CBS Productions

«If you’re looking for a good legal/political drama that covers topical issues such as bitcoin, cyber hacks, and how a campaign is run in an age of social media, I highly recommend it. Many times I am on the edge of my seat.» —dougfancy101290

Watch it on Amazon Prime and Hulu.


A Silent Voice

Kyoto Animation

«My friends have been telling me to watch it for a while. It’s anime and anime (BNHA is the only one I like) is not really my thing, but it’s on Netflix and I decided on watching it. OMG that was such a good choice; it’s such an emotional roller coaster. It has a lot of scenes where you’re like ‘Oh I know where this is going’ but they don’t do that so it leaves the audience starstruck and confused. Then they do something even better than what most movies do with following the same cliche paths. And the art — goddddd it’s such a good movie.» —bnha5life

Watch it on Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Vudu.


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Amazon Studios

«My partner and I binge-watched The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel at the beginning of social distancing. It’s a fantastic show! It’s extremely well-written, and the cast has amazing chemistry. It’s got its dramatic moments, but it’s an overall lighthearted and uplifting show.» —samanthah445c59db5

Watch it on Amazon Prime.

Eleven Film, Crazy Cat Lady Productions

«I binged them both all in a week and now I’m counting the days till they’re back.» —lisamariegc

Watch Sex Education on Netflix; On My Block on Netflix.




«It’s this brilliant South Korean horror period drama where there are ZOMBIES set in Korea’s Joseon period. It’s a period piece with zombies! I was hooked and devoured all two seasons in like a day and a half because who needs sleep anymore?» —ravenbard

Watch it on Netflix.



HBO Entertainment

«Westworld will definitely keep you busy!! Each episode feels like a movie and it’s super long. You’ll also be super confused but that’s what makes the show fun LOL.» —Sarah Lee

Watch it on Amazon Prime, HBO Now, Hulu, and iTunes.


The Politician

Fox 21 Television Studios

«It’s not exactly uplifting, and it was popular a while ago so I didn’t really discover it, but it helped to distract me from all of the utter crap going on in the world, and I was seriously invested in the show the entire time I was watching it.» —human_being1757

Watch it on Netflix.



Fun Meter

«McMillions — esp if you need another doc series after Tiger King. Special Agent Doug is hilar, and it’s great to watch with your parents if you’re struggling to find something everyone will be happy with.» —Maitland Quitmeyer

Watch it on HBO Now and HBO Go.


Never Have I Ever

Universal Television

«Yes it just came out, but I binged the whole thing in one day. It’s so smart, funny, and emotional, but who wouldn’t expect anything less from Mindy Kaling!» —pandabear14

Watch it on Netflix.



Objective Fiction

«My friend Michael recommended GameFace to me (avail to stream on Hulu!) and it makes me laugh SO hard. The lead character Marcella about has the reasoning of an It’s Always Sunny character that leads her to all sorts of awkward situations. For example, she has to explain the phrase ‘lubing me up’ to her therapist after he pays her a compliment she thinks is setting her up for bad news. If you’re into Miranda or Absolutely Fabulous (also on Hulu!), you’ll likely dig this show.» —Elizabeth Lilly

Watch it on Hulu.


Outer Banks

Rock Fish

«Outer Banks on Netflix is a must. I’m only a few episodes on and I’m hooked! It’s a mystery/drama show, where the teens (four main characters) are working to find one of the characters’ father who disappeared. I 100% recommend; it had me hooked on just the first episode.» —jdaniel03

Watch it on Netflix.



CBS Television Studios

«I used to just glance at the TV whenever my parents watched NCIS but this quarantine, it’s aired here at 11:30 p.m. and I got hooked. I’m more obsessed than my parents has ever been, and I thank the quarantine for allowing me to stay up late.» —limag

Watch it on Amazon Prime and Netflix.


Prodigal Son

Warner Bros. Television

«Am I an asshole who occasionally judges shows based on FCC ratings and what time they are on television? Yes. But hear me out!!!! PRODIGAL SON on Fox. I watched on Hulu. It is cheesy and occasionally predictable, but SUCH a great story. CRAZY good acting from Tom Payne and Michael Sheen. If you like a good murder show, this is the shit. Basically, the dad (Sheen) is an incarcerated serial killer and his son (Payne) is a profiler for the FBI. OK gr8, go watch it and then HMU because I need someone to talk to about it.» —meganc4340e2ca3

Watch it on Hulu and Fox.


Call The Midwife

Neal Street Productions

«I finally got around to watching Call the Midwife from the beginning, and I only sort or regret my decision! LOL. It’s so good, but also super heartbreaking! But still very worth watching!» —fillionfan4002

Watch it on Netflix, iTunes, and Vudu.


Schitt’s Creek

Not a Real Company Productions

«I love it because all of the characters are unique individuals and it’s filled with great humor. Even the simplest things on this show make me laugh out loud, like hearing Alexis say ‘Ew David.'» —emmanz

«I watched the whole of Schitt’s Creek just in time for the series finale. It was amazing and I still miss it :,)» —juneaux

Watch it on The CW, Hulu, iTunes, and Netflix.


Derry Girls

Hat Trick Productions

«My whole family LOLs every episode. It’s so quirky and different and so clever. And only 12 episodes so a super quick binge!» —Katy Herman

Watch it on Netflix.


Money Heist (La casa de papel)

Vancouver Media

«I started Money Heist a few days ago and I already finished all four seasons. It was so good!» —Emma McAnaw

«Money Heist has everything! It’s not my normal genre but I am obsessed. It keeps you coming back for more every episode!» —leab2

«It’s sooo good. I don’t mind reading subtitles while watching.» —junginym

Watch it on Netflix.


Top Chef

Magical Elves Productions

«I’ve plowed through a whopping seven seasons of Top Chef in the past month. I think it’s the ideal show for quarantine viewing because, even if you zone out a bit, it doesn’t matter in the same way it would with a show with a scripted plot – you can catch right back up (even if you haven’t already watched it before like I have). Added bonus: it may give you some inspiration when it comes to things to cook for yourself at home.» —Mallory McInnis

Watch it on Hulu and iTunes.



Warner Horizon Television

«I started watching a show called You; I haven’t given much thought about it but show is so creepy. OK, creepy and addictive. I can’t wait to find out Jo’s next move :)» —s478ca560c

Watch it on Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Vudu.

CBS Television Studios

«Both are really good shows to watch during quarantine as they give you a sense of optimism for a better future. Plus there are good tie-backs to the previous series, but you don’t need to have seen them before to still enjoy. Live long and prosper!» —readallthebooks

Watch Star Trek: Discovery on Amazon Prime and Vudu; Star Trek: Picard on Amazon Prime.


The Mallorca Files

Cosmopolitan Pictures

«I’m obsessed with The Mallorca Files and have been savoring the 10 episodes you can watch on Amazon Prime’s Britbox channel rn. It’s more than a crime procedural with a buttoned-up British detective teaming up with a buttoned-down(?) German detective who’s unbelievably charming but goofy chasing after bad guys with beautiful island views behind them. Also, I won’t give too much away but there’s a very dramatic murder scene with a matador.» —Elizabeth Lilly

Watch it on Amazon Prime.


High Fidelity

ABC Signature Studios

«They’re short episodes so it makes it easy to binge.» —likamu

Watch it on Hulu.



Warner Bros. Television

«Shrill starring Aidy Bryant from SNL is incredible. It is the story of an overweight woman named Annie who tires of being left out and hating herself and decides to embrace her body with newfound confidence and starts taking control of her life. It’s a fabulous show. It’s similar in tone to Girls but far less annoying and the characters are all very relatable.» —mattyc3

Watch it on Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Vudu.


The Morning Show

Media Res

«The Morning Show if you’re a fan of shows with every famous person ever and feminist icons and screaming ‘YASSSSSS’ at the TV.» —Katy Herman

Watch it on Apple TV+.

You running to your couch to watch something new:

Studio Ghibli

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