Sundance enters uncharted waters in unique Oscar season

"Змея, которая не может сменить кожу, гибнет. То же и с умами, которым мешают менять мнения: они перестают быть умами." Фридрих Ницше ©
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Los Angeles (AFP) — In normal years, the Sundance Film Festival kicks off in late January with Hollywood’s award season already in full swing. Producers, stars and journalists meet in the spectacular Utah mountains to swap last-minute Oscar tips, and catch a first glimpse of the next year’s batch of contenders. This year, due to the pandemic, everything has been turned upside-down. Indie film extravaganza Sundance, beginning Thursday, will take place largely online. And with the Oscars delayed to their latest-ever date — April 25 — several top contenders have not been released or even screen…

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