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Well the store owner lost my support.

You don’t threaten a man in the ground with an assault rifle, making him think you’re going to execute him on the street like a dog.

Regardless of what the alledged looted did, that is fucked up.

EDIT (copied from another of my replies):I say ALLEDGEDLY, because the only information in this clip that we have to go on is a man already on the ground. I did not see him physically looting.

I am not saying that he didn’t nor am I saying that he did. He is alledged to have been looting in a third hand source.

I never said the kid on the ground is innocent and must be freed at once. He may well have committed the crime.

However, I am saying that the sympathy that I would have felt for the man holding the rifle evaporated. What if is hand slipped? His offhand is occupied with the phone. What if he shot this kid accidentally? That is not how you handle a weapon.

Life is not an action movie, as much as it may resemble one right now.

If you want to be a responsible gun owner then you need to be RESPONSIBLE.

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