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"Наилучший порядок вещей — тот, при котором мне предназначено быть, и к чёрту лучший из миров, если меня в нём нет!" Дени Дидро ZM
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Ops a repost bot that’s also an 8 year old account.

That mother fucker… I should’ve read the comments before giving an award

Edit: Wait, are you being sarcastic? His account looks pretty genuine

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Read his post. Then check his age. He’s deleted posts in the past when he was called out.

All local subreddits are shit, but r/Miami is uniquely shitty because it’s an honest reflection of the city.

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What do you mean? I fucking love Miami. The sub is sometimes shit but also many times they’re based.

I think it’s pretty much required that people dump on their home town. And there’s something in the drinking water that makes everyone here shockingly rude.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it here. But I can recognize the suck.

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Oh I’ve noticed that a lot too. Rude and stuck up. Entitled.

Even worse, they think Drake is a gangster rapper.

Free speech doesn’t mean you can be racist

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Racists are simple minded stupid people, but they are absolutely allowed to voice their idiotic comments if they choose to.

Ninja edit: just realized you’re a troll.

«Without cishets you wouldn’t be alive, so you’re actually making a good argument as to why they’re bad.».



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