"Множественность интерпретаций и даже конфликт интерпретаций являются не недостатком или пороком, а достоинством понимания, образующего суть интерпретации." П.Рикер ZM
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  • Stevenlegits commented on What’s Your Favorite Acting Performance That Wasn’t Nominated For An Oscar?

    Hear me out… Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange. She just did something so special with that role. As a child I loved Bellatrix and Helena so much because of her performances in OotP and HBP. She stole every moment she was in and delivered every line with an unraveled precision.


  • Stevenlegits commented on What Movie/TV Show Remake Is Better Than The Original?

    Y’all can fucking fight me but here’s my hot take. The original Willy Wonka sucks. It’s too cheesy and weird. The Tim Burton remake is just dark enough to work and Johnny Depp’s Wonka is as creepy as you’d expect a man to be who invites 5 children to his factory to be picked off one


  • Stevenlegits commented on 23 Unpopular Seasons Of Television That People Said Were Pretty Bad

    1984 was supposed to be campy. It was a perfect homage to the slasher film but also to the entire subgenre dedicated to dissecting slasher movies (Scream, Final Girls, etc). AHS has always had varying degrees of horror. This season just took camp and ran with it, which was honestly


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