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"Мир делится на два класса — одни веруют в невероятное, другие совершают невозможное." Оскар Уайлд ZM
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  • Scientists Worldwide Are Questioning A Massive Study That Raised Concerns About The Malaria Drug Hyped As A COVID-19 Treatment

    The study, which found that patients treated with hydroxychloroquine were more likely to die, just got a correction, though its conclusions remain unchanged.

  • The CDC Released New Death Rate Estimates For The Coronavirus. Many Scientists Say They’re Too Low.

    Public health experts are accusing the CDC of bending under political pressure to say the coronavirus is less deadly.

  • O fundador da Azul ajudou a custear um estudo de Stanford dizendo que o coronavírus não é tão letal

    “A preocupação de que os autores foram afetados por um grave conflito de interesses é inevitável», afirma a denúncia, que foi enviada ao escritório de pesquisa da Universidade de Stanford (EUA).

  • JetBlue’s Founder Helped Fund A Stanford Study That Said The Coronavirus Wasn’t That Deadly

    A Stanford whistleblower complaint alleges that the controversial John Ioannidis study failed to disclose important financial ties and ignored scientists’ concerns that their antibody test was inaccurate.

  • The FDA Is Tightening Its Regulations On Coronavirus Antibody Tests

    The agency had previously relaxed its rules for verifying manufacturers’ accuracy data, leading more than 165 unauthorized tests to flood the US market.

  • Juul Will Stop Selling In Five European Countries, Including France And Spain

    Facing low sales and trouble from regulators, the e-cigarette giant is planning to be off shelves in Austria, Belgium, Portugal, France, and Spain by the end of the year.

  • We Need An “Army” Of Contact Tracers To Safely Reopen The Country. We Might Get Apps Instead.

    Without enough human contact tracers to identify infected people, the US is barreling toward a digital solution, and possible disaster.

  • A Stanford Professor’s Wife Recruited People For His Coronavirus Study By Claiming It Would Reveal If They Could “Return To Work Without Fear”

    An email sent to a Silicon Valley middle school’s private listserv tried to recruit families for the antibody study, promising “peace of mind” about their immunity to the coronavirus.

  • Two Antibody Studies Say Coronavirus Infections Are More Common Than We Think. Scientists Are Mad.

    In California, two of the nation’s first big antibody surveys estimated that the true number of coronavirus infections is significantly higher than believed. But scientists are skeptical.

  • Everyone Wants To Know If They Already Had The Coronavirus. Some People May Be Preying On That.

    “I think we should expect to see companies continue to pop up selling unproven, and in some cases probably just bad, testing,” a former FDA lawyer said.