Stephanie K. Baer

"Мир делится на два класса — одни веруют в невероятное, другие совершают невозможное." Оскар Уайлд ZM
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  • A Wedding Videographer Is Facing Criticism For Mocking A Client Who Asked For A Refund After His Fiancé Died

    «We will NEVER refund Justin Montney even with the online threats and harassment. If we knew he was going to shake us down, we would have charged a higher deposit.»

  • Eis o que especialistas em saúde pública dizem sobre usar banheiros públicos durante a pandemia de coronavírus

    «Você está basicamente entrando em uma, para usar um termo bonito, ‘fábrica de armas biológicas’ — então não há segurança. Você pode apenas tentar reduzir o risco.»

  • Here’s What Public Health Experts Have To Say About Using Public Restrooms During The Coronavirus Pandemic

    «You’re basically kind of going in, to use a cute term, ‘a bioweapons factory’ — so there is no safe. There’s only things you can do to mitigate risk.»

  • Milhares de enfermeiros dizem que têm de reutilizar as máscaras ao tratar pacientes de coronavírus

    Pesquisa apontou que 87% dos enfermeiros relataram que tiveram que reutilizar máscaras que deveriam ser de utilização única ao tratar pacientes com COVID-19.

  • The Man Who Recorded Video Of Ahmaud Arbery Being Shot Has Been Arrested On A Murder Charge

    William “Roddie” Bryan Jr., 50, followed two armed white men in his own vehicle as they chased Arbery down the road.

  • Former WWE Star Shad Gaspard Has Been Found Dead After He Went Missing While Swimming In The Ocean

    «In his final act, Gaspard instructed lifeguards to save his son’s life,» WWE said.

  • Thousands Of Nurses Say They Still Have To Reuse Masks While Treating Coronavirus Patients

    «We’ve been taught all our lives good infection control, and this isn’t it.»

  • Texas Is Allowing Kids To Go To Summer Camp As The Coronavirus Pandemic Continues

    «The last thing that I would ever want is for summer camp to be looked back on in history — or in the fall — as part of the reason that we have a second outbreak.»