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"Мудрый человек требует всего только от себя, ничтожный же человек требует всего от других." Лев Толстой ZMEY
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Psalm 118:1–2, 19–29; Jeremiah 33:1–9; Philippians 2:12–18 I’m guilty. I’m guilty of not seeing God’s many blessings. God’s blessings have been more than I could count, granted, but I should count more of them. I was convicted by Jeremiah 33:9, “They will be in total awe at all the good and prosperity I provide for them.” ※ When was the last time you were awed by all the good and prosperity that God has provided? ※ If you’re like me, you could look at all our troubles and disagreements on race, (any) immigration, political party, president, COVID practices, and ask, “Good? Prosperity?” This is…

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